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  • Full Wedding Planning: If you require everything, from venue to favours, from photography to the cake! Then we can assist. We appreciate all couples work to a budget, so we will only charge 10% of vendors fees or £1000 whichever is greater. This can be customised so we can adapt to your needs.
  • One Day Coordination Contract: If you have everything planned, but you would like somebody to take over during the last week or so and of course make sure everything is set up for the day, then you need a One day coordinator, so you can just enjoy the last days as a single person, not having to worry about contacting vendors or taking any stress. Price: £700
  • Vendors search: So let's say you are struggling to find the perfect caterer but you have the rest of your wedding sorted, or everything is done but the florist is not booked as you can't find anything that suits you! Yes, we can do this for you too! Price per vendor: £50
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